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Barry Wachtel

It is my pleasure to bring the remarkable luminous beauty of Glass Art, created with my photography for exclusive Wall Art. My fascination with both natural elements as well as stained and fused glass inspired me to create this portfolio of Photographic Art.


The sparkle, prisms, texture, colors, and the overall drama offer unique possibilities. By isolating the intrinsic aspects of glass thru my camera’s lens, I discovered that it touched my creative spirit, and the magic began.


I introduce my signature limited-edition line…Luminosity AGP. I hope you are intrigued and delighted by the selection of art to enhance walls in both your commercial and residential interiors. Designed with a variety of options, sizes, and styles to fit your personal décor, I invite you to look thru my lens.


Barry Wachtel, the creator of Luminosity AGP began his career in New York City in the mid 1960s. His early training was focused in the display industry and store
planning. This career path led him to become the Display Production Manager of Gimbles New York Department Store Chain. 

Building on his experience, in the early 70s, Wachtel opened Amcor Inc., based in Philadelphia, manufacturing the first Plexiglass display fixtures in the U.S. This
involved designing manufacturing and selling display fixtures to stores across the country. Missing his hometown, Atlantic City, N.J. he moved back and focused on Interior Design and Custom Cabinetry. 

In 1981, Wachtel moved his family to the Chicago land area and continued his love of cabinetry and interior design, there Abitare was founded. A 26 year
success story included a Chicago Merchandise Mart showroom for 20 years, providing high-end custom cabinets for clients all across the U.S.

He semi-retired in 2007, focusing on Interior Design, as well as his ongoing love for photography. As a young boy, Barry was taught the magical alchemy of
photography by his father Simon M, Wachtel, the Artist, leading him to a life of understanding composition and a deep appreciation for the naturel beauty all around us.


In 2018 Barry teamed up with Sheri, of Sheri Law Art Glass in Homer Glen IL. and they formed Sheri Law Interiors. Through this relationship he uncovered the
hidden beauty within the luminosity of Sheri’s Art Glass creations and began to experiment with this unique style of photography.

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